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October 2017 Newsletteer







October 2017 Newsletter


Liturgical Notes


During the calendar month of October we celebrate the repose of the Apostle John the Theologion, the author of the Gospel of John, on October 9. He is also known as the Apostle of Love since he taught of the necessity of loving one another as Christ loves us.

A secondary feast of the Mother of God occurs on Oct 14. This feast-day is known as the Protection of the Theotokos. The feast commemorates an event that happened at Constantinople in the year 911 A.D. During the reign of Emperor Leo the Wise, a large army of Saracens was preparing to attack the city to conquer it. The pious people of the city reacted to the threat by turning to prayer. They thronged to the Church of Blachernae wherein was preserved the Robe and Veil of the Mother of God. There they raised their voices to Christ the Lord, to His Mother, the all-Holy Theotokos, pleading for mercy and help against the foe. Among the believers present was St. Andrew, a Fool-for-Christ, and his disciple, St. Epiphanius. Suddenly they saw a vision of the Virgin Mary surrounded by a choir of angels, prophets and apostles. “Do you see, brother, the Queen of all praying for the peace of the world,” asked St. Andrew? “ Indeed I see, father,” answered the disciple. The Holy Virgin appeared with outstretched arms, holding a veil over the city as a sign of protection, and imploring God's mercy upon the people. The inhabitants of the city heard of this vision to the two men, and were filled with joy and hope that this was a sign of deliverance. All night they prayed in the Church, while outside The Christian army fought against the enemy. The defenders emerged with a decisive victory. Since that time the Feast of the Protection of the Most-Holy Theotokos has been celebrated in the Church.


Parish Notes

Father Deacon David and Euphrosyne are expecting the arrival of their third child in late October. Kenny Harrison and Anya are expecting their first child in November. Please keep them in your prayers for safe deliveries.

Our former member, Andrew Sawyer and his new wife, Kati were married during Divine Liturgy on September 24 in Pennsylvania. May God grant them a blessed married life. They will reside near Cleveland, Ohio

The manufactured home that was donated to the parish last October has been moved in place. The necessary water, power, and sewer hook-ups are pending as well as a few minor repairs. This will all cost money from the parish building fund so any donations for finishing preparation of this facility will be greatly appreciated. If anyone in the parish has appropriate extra furniture that is in good shape we can use that also. We need bedroom, dining room,and living room furniture as well as a washer and electric dryer. Look in your storage areas to see if you have extra suitable items.

Several members and friends have special days this month:


Kenny(Evgeny) Harrison Oct 8 Namesday

Kenny Harrison Oct 9 Birthday

Elias Gawrieh Oct 14 Birthday

Dennis Stone Oct 16 Namesday

Denis Kalinin Oct 16 Namesday

John Gawrieh Oct 21 Birthday

Tatiana Skoumbourdis Oct 22 Birthday

Matushka Paraskeva Oct 25 Birthday

Matushka Paraskeva Oct 27 Namesday


May God grant them many years!


From the fathers

And He put all things under His feet, and gave Him to head over all things to the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all. (Ephesians 1:22-23).

Amazing again, how He has raised the Church, as though He were lifting it up by some engine. He has raised it up to a vast height, and set it on yonder throne, for where the Head is, there is the body also ...''''what is meant by 'over all things?' He has suffered neither Angel or Archangel nor any other being to be above Him. But not only in this way has He honored us, in exalting that which is of our selves, but also in that He has prepared the whole race in common to follow Him, to cleave to Him, to accompany His train ...This is so when you hear of the Head you may behold Him not only as supreme Ruler, but as Head of a body ...He introduces Him as having need of each single one of us and not only of all in common and together, for unless we be many, and one be the hand, and another the foot, and another some other member, the whole body is not complete...

If anyone were to place a diadem about our head, a crown of gold, would we not do everything so we might seem worthy of the lifeless jewels? But now it is not a diadem that is placed about our head, but-what is far greater- Christ is made our very Head, and yet we pay no regard to it. Yet Angels reverence that Head and Archangels, and all those powers above...If you are the body of Christ, bear the Cross, for He bore it; bear spitting, bear buffetings, bear nails ...that Body 'did not sin, neither was guile found in His mouth' (I Pet, 2:22)...

And as many of us as partake of that Body and taste of that Blood, are partaking of that which is in no wise different from that Body, nor separate ...I observe many partaking of Christ's Body lightly ...And yet it is not the Epiphany, nor is it Lent, that makes a fit time for approaching, but it is sincerity and purity of soul. With this, approach at all times; without it never. 'For as often you do this, you proclaim the Lord's death,' (I Cor. 11:26), i.e., you make a remembrance of the salvation that has been wrought for you, and of the benefits which have been bestowed...

Look, I entreat: a royal table is set before you, Angels minister at that table, the King Himself is there, and do you stand gaping? Are your garments defiled, and yet you make no account of it? - or are you clean? Then fall down and partake ...You have sung the hymns with the rest; you have declared yourself to be of the number of those who are worthy, by not departing with those who are unworthy. Why stay and yet not partake of the table? I am unworthy, you will say. Then are you also unworthy of that communion you have had in prayers? For it is not by means of the offerings only, but also by means of those canticles that the Spirit descends all around ...You are not more allowed to be here than the Catechumen is. For it is not at all the same thing never to have reached the mysteries, as it is when you have reached them, to stumble at them and despise them, and to make yourself unworthy of this thing ...So I may not then be the means of increasing your condemnation, I entreat you, not to forbear coming, but to render yourselves worthy both of being present, and of approaching ...And what then is our hope of salvation? We cannot lay it on our nature. It is indolence and nothing else that renders us unworthy. St. John Chrysostom, Homily III on Ephesians I.


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