All Saints of America Church
- DeQueen, Arkansas -
Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
Administration: What is Orthodox
His Eminence Archbishop Peter

Rev. Nicholas Olsen
(318) 957-1881 (phone)
Very Rev. George Brooks (Retired)
193 Brooks Rd
De Queen, Arkansas 71832
8706423973 (phone)
8706423973 (fax)
Sdn. George Gawrieh

 All Saints of America Orthodox Church is served by the following clergy:


Father George Brooks was ordained to the priesthood in 1995, and elevated to Archpriest in 2011. He has a Masters Degree in aeronautical engineering and served in the military as a pilot and an engineering manager. Father George completed the late vocations program in another jurisdiction and was ordained to the diaconate in 1993. He is married to Matushka Parasceva. On February 07/20 2023, Archpriest George was granted retirement by Archbishop Peter of Chicago & Mid-America. 


Priest Nicholas Olsen was ordained to the diaconate in 2015, and to the priesthood in 2021. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology.  He is married to Matushka Monica. On February 07/20 2023, Priest Nicholas was appointed rector of All Saints of America by Archbishop Peter of Chicago & Mid-America. 





All Saints of America Orthodox Church operates under the bylaws established for parishes by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. compendiumoflaws2006.pdf


Preparation for receiving Holy Communion.


The Orthodox Church does not practice open Communion; therefore those individuals wishing to receive must be Orthodox Christians. Those parish members who desire to receive the Holy Mysteries (Holy Communion) should prepare themselves through proper prayer, fasting, and confession. Proper prayer includes reading or listening to the Prayers before Holy Communion and attendance at the Vespers service the evening before the Divine Liturgy. As this last requirement is difficult for those who live away from the local area, they should spend the evening before Divine Liturgy quietly and prayerfully by reading the Epistle and Gospels reading proscribed for the next day and other spiritual reading. They should avoid worldly entertainment such as television and movies, etc. Fasting from food and drink after midnight on the morning of the Divine Liturgy is required. This also includes use of tobacco or other habit-forming addictions.

Arrangements for confession should be made with the priest.


Orthodox visitors who also wish to receive the Holy Mysteries are also subject to the above requirements. Visitors must, however, also contact the priest or deacon prior to approaching the Communion Cup.


Exceptions to the above standards must be discussed beforehand with the priest. 


Proper Dress for Church Services


Most people who are invited to a formal gathering (weddings, etc.) will wear appropriate clothing for the occasion. Considering that we stand in the presence of the All Mighty God and His angelic hosts during Church services, it is only appropriate that we should dress in the best that we have. We must be careful not to bring our casual ways into the Church for they engender a casual attitude toward God our Creator. This is the reason we do not sit during most of the services or cross our legs when we do sit down. This casual attitude can lead to inattention and therefore disrespect. 


Men and boys should wear clean appropriate pants, shirts, and shoes with socks. Sloppy clothing, logo T-shirts, athletic shoes are great for play but not for the Divine services.


Women and girls should wear modest dresses or skirts that cover the knees and blouses that cover the upper arms. As the Apostle Paul instructs in his epistle to the Corinthians, married women are encouraged to cover their heads during prayer. Makeup such as lipstick and lip balm should be removed prior to reverencing icons or approaching for Holy Communion.


Exceptions are made for the younger children but as they grow older they should be instructed in the proper dress for these practices set patterns for future habits.